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step1 img

Step 1

We arrive at your location

step2 img

Step 2

We park the vehicle and proceed to the gate that safely secures the portable bathroom / toilet

step3 img

Step 3

We wheel the portable bathroom / toilet off the trailer

step4 img

Step 4

We wheel the portable bathroom / toilet to your home

step5 img

Step 5

We approach your home

step6 img

Step 6

We open your garage door and proceed in wheeling the portable bathroom / toilet into your garage

step7 img

Step 7

We make sure that there are no obstructing objects as we wheel the portable bathroom / toilet into your garage

step12 img

Step 8

We step back and make sure that the portable bathroom / toilet is positioned correctly after all the necessary checks have been made

step13 img

Step 9

We close the garage door and allow you the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of having a portable bathroom / toilet for your


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